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Who are we?

Achieving economic growth is about more than just ambition – it is about good strategy, effective operational design with the right capability, an ability to mix necessary competencies around skills, employment and physical regeneration, and most importantly, a focus on making sure delivery happens.

Building on the extensive capability within the wider GC Group as well as our network of potential associates and partners, GC Consulting can support you achieve your ambition for your organisation, your industry or your place.

We are specifically delivery focussed in what we do. There is over 30 years-worth of practice and experience to build on to make delivery better – that is our aim, to make sure we learn from that experience to make sure that delivery today is better than it may have been before.

Our ethos is based on trust and collaboration - putting your need and interest first, responding reliably, and providing the expert capability you need.

What we do

GC Consulting uses the capability of our team to achieve better economic development delivery. We use our extensive capability, and years of experience in achieving economic growth outcomes.

Understanding the economic and social implications of Covid-19 – on your organisation, your place, your partnership

The current public health emergency is driving an emergency economic response and will also have a legacy impact on our society and our economy.  Understanding the potential scenarios that might occur, what the likely policy response might be, and then reconsidering your own approach – both for strategy and implementation is going to be crucial in minimising any negative effect. It may not feel time yet, but planning for recovery will need to be done as will planning to mitigate the negative effect of the difficult months ahead.

Working with organisations, places and partnerships our work in this field will help you understand the potential consequences of the various possible scenarios and work with you to see how they change what it was you were already intending to do. We can facilitate a real-time reassessment of strategies and plans and help you respond quicker – delivering a far better result by anticipating in real time what may occur.

Learn from our Group capability – developing a place-based business facing support infrastructure

GC is one of the leading deliverers of business, people and place-based services in the UK, supporting thriving businesses, creating well-paid jobs and opportunities benefiting all sections of our diverse communities.

As more areas of the Country establish sub-regional structures GC Group is uniquely placed to advise based on our 30 years of experience and extensive capability across a range of product and delivery areas.  This advice may be on organisational form, governance, and intervention design as well as on means for performance monitoring and impact measurement.

We can provide project and call-off assistance with capability in:

  • Business support
  • Inward investment
  • Place-making and Internationalisation
  • Employability
  • Skills and training

The softer side of regeneration – complementing your physical plans with skills and employment support

Physical regeneration is a bed-rock objective for transforming our towns and cities but alongside that change there is often an under-appreciation of how valuable softer initiatives, around skills, employability, and community infrastructure, might add value.

Working with experts in the development of physical regeneration programmes, we provide insight and prioritisation capability in determining what types of scheme are best to deliver a places overall economic and social objectives. In doing this, we build on the wider GC Group capability in delivering business support, investment, skills and training support.

Devolution in practice – making sure delivery happens

As more areas of the Country seek Devolution Deals or transition from negotiation to implementation GC Consulting can advise on how to maximise the speed and effectiveness of that implementation process building on experience of implementation in a number of existing Combined Authority areas as well being able to draw on 30 years of effective delivery practice.

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Framing Your Recovery Plan

Framing Your Recovery Plan

Over the last six weeks, GCC has supported a number of clients and partners in thinking through the likely type of recession that we are about to face and what the specific implications will be for their organisation, their place, and their partnerships.