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Devolution and reorganisation in practice – making sure delivery happens

As more areas of the Country seek Devolution Deals or transition from negotiation to implementation GC Consulting can advise on how to maximise the speed and effectiveness of that implementation process building on experience of implementation in a number of existing Combined Authority areas as well being able to draw on 30 years of effective delivery practice.

Covid-19 and Your Local Economy – Round UP

Covid-19 and Your Local Economy – Round UP

At GCC we are monitoring all of the intelligence out there on CV-19 and the economic impacts that will result.

This regular update is designed for strategic leaders of place to get a headline view of key developments and to stay abreast of key issues to which you will need to strategically respond.

Covid 19 place strategy

Levelling Up: Haven’t we been here before & is it not time to change?

Strategic Place Leaders cannot avoid hearing the phrase ‘levelling-up’ and with CV-19 likely to cause even greater disparities between some places it is critical we get this right.

Framing Your Recovery Plan

Framing Your Recovery Plan

Over the last six weeks, GCC has supported a number of clients and partners in thinking through the likely type of recession that we are about to face and what the specific implications will be for their organisation, their place, and their partnerships.

Anticipating the recession – what you can do

In short, the immediate impact is much worse than experienced just over a decade ago and remember that the OBR scenario assumes just a short three-month lockdown and that the economy will bounce back straight away – there is absolutely no guarantee that that will occur and hence the reality could be much worse.

At GC Consulting we have been monitoring the various forecasts as they have been published to try and understand the likely impact on people, places and organisations. More importantly however, we have also been considering what it is that with drive the likely impacts to try and understand, from a delivery perspective, what it is that might be done to mitigate and recover from the negative effect.