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Over the last six weeks, GCC has supported a number of clients and partners in thinking through the likely type of recession that we are about to face and what the specific implications will be for their organisation, their place, and their partnerships.

That facilitated process has allowed our clients to be one step ahead as we shift from an emergency response of dampening the curve, to mitigating the spike, shortening the tail, and eventually, building back better.

This thought-piece extends that thinking and suggests that strategic place leaders should take a ‘framed’ approach in planning for what comes next. The purpose is not to suggest what a ‘recovery plan’ might look like, but to propose the questions strategic place leaders might ask as they begin that thinking.


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About the author

Michael Palin

Michael Palin

Mike Palin is a successful deliverer of economic growth strategies as well as being a leading thinker on how economic growth implementation can fit with broader policy initiatives. His focus is on implementation of strategies to deliver results.